About La Mer
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About Me

This is my 'fan site', if you will, of Crème de la Mer called My Crème de la Mer.

I discovered the famed La Mer, "with a cult following", quite by chance - and I've been a loyal devotee for many years!

My Crème de la Mer aims to provide news, reviews, breakdowns on La Mer, and created the My Crème de la Mer Celebrity List - an expanding list (the biggest and best sourced) of celebrities and their association with the miracle that is La Mer.

Please feel free to Contact me with any questions, tips or news regarding La Mer. I do however recommend Contacting La Mer or using their Store Locator to find your nearest La Mer counter.

Kindly note that I am in no way associated with La Mer and that I pay in full for all the products featured on My Crème de la Mer. I also respect copyright, trademarks and the like, please see Legal for any questions.