November 27, 2011

The Essence

Once only available by invitation, then by being on a waiting list, and now by in-store appointment only; Crème de la Mer The Essence, the most expensive creation from the La Mer Max Huber Research Laboratories, making waves at about $ 2,900.00 for the 3 week treatment, currently more expensive than platinum or gold.

The Essence gets presented with carrying bag in a foam-lined jewelry-style case with droppers and a beautiful Plexiglas container with three 15 ml (0.5 oz.) magnetized glass tubes.

It’s the miracle inside that caused more than 100 units to be sold within the first 3 weeks of it being available at Harrods of London – The Miracle Broth, Dormancy and Mariponic.

November 22, 2011

Radiant Serum - Limited Edition

Another Christmas gift I am going to spoil myself with - La Mer's limited edition larger sized Radiant Serum!

And what's that we're seeing here? This luminous product has evolved from dropper, to pump, and now spray top (like I love on The Radiant Infusion and the Hydrating Infusion).

The limited edition Radiant Serum will be available in a 2.5 oz. size (at $ 495), compared to the 1 oz. (at $ 250).

If you are devoted fan of Crème de la Mer, this serum is a must in your skin regimen, as it works deep into your skin, aids in improving complexion and discolorations, and gives you that J-Lo glow!

November 10, 2011

Crystal Glow by Swarovski

Exclusive to Harrods - The Limited Edition Swarovski Crème de la Mer "Crystal Glow" Moisturizing Cream.

This 500 ml (16.5 Oz) jumbo sized version of La Mer is presented in an acrylic holder with a sparkling Swarovski Elements encrusted lid.

Produced exclusively for Harrods, and is yours at only £ 1,400.00. Shop Now.

If your in London over the Holidays, pop into Harrods to enjoy the Harrods Crystal Christmas 2011.

Also see Crystal Encrusted Holder.

Christmas Collections 2011

Crème de la Mer is offering fantastic limited edition gifts for Christmas, which is great value for money and gets presented in beautiful gift-boxes.
Kindly check with your La Mer Expert as to availability in your area, and if the La Mer gift wrap services applies to any of your other La Mer purchases.

Luxury Essentials Holiday
This Luxury Essentials Holiday Gift Set contains Crème de la Mer (2 Oz), The Regenerating Serum (.5 Oz), and The Eye Concentrate (.5 Oz), these treatments are designed to focus on the youth-enhancing benefits of Crème de la Mer.

Shop online at or
Suggested retail pricing of $ 415 (£ 305), while limited edition stocks last.

Discovery Collection
The smaller Discovery Collection Gift Set contains Crème de la Mer (1 Oz), The Radiant Serum (.5 Oz), and The Eye Balm Intense (.17 Oz), focusing on creating a more luminous appearance.

Shop online at or
Suggested retail pricing of $ 260 (£ 200), while limited edition stocks last.

In addition to the Christmas Gifts, La Mer is also offering the Legendary Luxury set, the Harrods Exclusive Swarovski Edition, and the -

Luxury Essentials Eye Editions
The Luxury Essentials Eye Edition is available in 30 ml or 60 ml of Crème de la Mer with The Eye Balm Intense now in a limited edition case.

Shop online at or
Suggested retail pricing of $ 350 (£ 260) for the 60 ml, while limited edition stocks last.

Annual Luxury Facial

Crème de la Mer South Africa only hosts the Luxury Facial event once a year, with exclusive invites to their biggest devotees, resulting in record event sales. The Luxury Facial was also the launch-pad for the exceptional gift sets for Christmas.

All La Mer facials and Spa treatments are location specific, chat with your La Mer Expert to find out when and where you can get pampered! This might be the Spa Experience at Harrods, an Express Facial, La Mer Facial, or the Crème de la Mer Master Class.

My friend Karyn-Louka Albertze attended the Luxury Facial. Here's her story for you.

"I was very excited to be invited to the La Mer Luxury Facial, and after hearing about its exclusivity, and the fact that the event is only held for one day of the year, I could hardly contain myself!

Banksia Boutique Hotel
The Luxury Facial was held at the upmarket Banksia Boutique Hotel in Cape Town, a little piece of heaven away from the hustle and bustle of city living. Its manicured gardens and tranquil setting set the tone for what I was in store for. Having been welcomed by the La Mer Expert, I was ushered into a room with a variety of La Mer products on display – it was like a candy store for the face!

November 9, 2011

King Kong - Limited Edition

Crème de la Mer launches the "Legendary Luxury" limited edition King Kong-sized (16.5 oz / 500 ml) Crème in a beautiful treasure chest.

This coffre au trésor is available for a limited time, only in the Crème de la Mer's Moisturizing Cream, and not the Gel, Lotion nor Oil-Absorbing Lotion, which is the perfect moisturizer for the chilly winters in the Northern hemisphere.

Your christmas gift to yourself retails at the suggested price of $ 1,650 (£ 1,150). Shop Now at