July 12, 2011

La Mer Facials

Also See Spa la La Mer.
Crème de la Mer is expanding their quarterly facials at luxury locations to now, also, in-store La Mer facials.

La Mer In-Store
In the past al La Mer facials were offered only at a Luxury location or spa, like the Banksia Boutique Hotel, with a nominal booking fee, like they did for the Crème de la Mer Master Class. Both treatments are very similar, you just have to look at your schedule and decide which bests suits your wants.

The in-store facial made me feel like I was being taken to a VIP back room in store, not as spacious, and the La Mer expert gave the same personalized treatment either way (no foot spa in-store though). Relaxing ocean music plays softly in the background as you get treated to all the La Mer products on your face, arms, and hands. You begin with a breath of The Mist, to aid in relaxing and prepare for your facial.

The routine begins with
choosing from one of the 4 cleansers (Cleansing Fluid, Cleansing Lotion, Cleansing Gel, or, my favorite, The Cleansing Foam), then a gentle massage with diamond dust-infused Refining Facial, followed by a toner (The Tonic, Oil Absorbing Tonic, or The Hydrating Infusion), after a hot towel on the face the face, a thick layer of The Crème gets molded on your face like a mask. While your skin absorbs The Crème, you get treated to a hand and arm massage with The Body Lotion and The Hand Treatment. The Crème then gets removed (or transferred to your shoulders) followed by the new Radiant Serum, Eye Concentrate or Eye Balm, now you get your best-matched Gel, Lotion, Oil Absorbing Lotion or Crème, finished off with The Lip Balm and Mist. Your facial lasts about half an hour.

I believe that this is an excellent opportunity to learn which products will suit your skin’s needs, how to use them, and not buy all of them to discover that. Book yourself a session now – you’ll leave glowing!


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  2. I had a La Mer facial today as well. It was fantastic. My facialist used the Cleansing Foam, then the Refining Facial, then applied a warm towel to my face. Following this, the Oil-Absorbing Tonic was applied, followed by one of the Infusions (I'm not sure which), the Eye Concentrate and then the Oil-Absorbing Lotion. I specifically asked for her to use this because I wanted to try it before buying. It's great, like most other La Mer products! She also demoed the Body Refiner on my hand and gave me a massage with the Body Cream. As a devoted La Mer fan, I was accustomed to the products, but the Oil-Absorbing Tonic and Lotion were both new to me, and I like them a lot for hot MN summers.

  3. Hi, I want to ask, when they put thick layer of The Creme, did they warm the Creme on their fingers or just straight away from the jar and put on your face?

    1. Thank you for your interesting question Mrs. Rance! The first layer yes, they warmed it by rubbing their hands together, afterwards just straight from the jar - this doesn't really coincide with activating and releasing of the energies, does it?