January 31, 2012

Behind La Mer: The Lady Genius and Next Max Huber

Loretta Miraglia.
We're quite familiar with Dr. Max Huber, creator of the miraculous Crème de la Mer. Now I'd like to introduce you to Senior Vice President and Head of Product Development and Innovation at Crème de la Mer,  the genius, Loretta Miraglia.

Loretta is the mastermind creating all the new and exciting, ground-breaking La Mer products at the Max Huber Research Laboratories in New York. Loretta continues to stay true to Dr. Huber’s legacy.

Dr. Max Huber.
“Max is my inspiration – energy, material science, the wonder of physics – knowing that anything is possible brings the future that much closer to our fingertips”.

Sometimes described as being quite secretive in revealing what she's working on, or how she innovates, she always stays true to the soul of La Mer, saying that "No change is a good thing". When she gets hounded to launch a new product, she often refuses to do so until she's happy that it's perfect, and that it's "The best that it can be".

Loretta in the Max Huber Labs.
Loretta is a futurist with a past. she's been sculpting this leading skincare brand known for its high performing products and its cult appeal since 1996. Her background includes experiences in such diverse industries as television, aerospace, physical chemistry, textile design, and for the past 21 years, she has been an innovator in the cosmetic field.

Though these industries might seem unrelated, Loretta sees a unique connection in their converging points, “I see patterns of industry developments. Industries that may seem disconnected may have much in common. I study where they intersect and apply the ‘trend in the making’ and the technologies to create new and useful products”. She works closely with diverse industries such as textile, aerospace and design as well as global think tanks all with the long view of bringing state of the art products to us, La Mer devotees.

Loretta Miraglia at the

Loretta's chemistry background began with an undergraduate degree in Bio-Chemistry which eventually influenced her to accomplish a Masters degree in Physical Chemistry. Since her interests are vast, she also pursued a post graduate degree in Business. A true New Yorker by birth and a product designer by choice, Loretta Miraglia has an instinct for invention and a taste for the future. 

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