January 27, 2012

Blanc de la Mer

2-13 Update - Brightening vs. Whitening
3-6 Update - Blanc de la Mer - The Brightening Collection

The rumor mill is in full swing as to launch dates and products related to the new Crème de la Mer Brightening Essence Intense, and many devotees, including myself, can not wait to get MY Brightening Essence Intense!

Since my first report, La Mer counters the world over have been bombarded with questions about the new Brightening Essence Intense, resulting in some interesting scoops, one from Neiman Marcus being that the Blanc de la Mer range might include a Cleanser, Toner, Serum, and Moisturizer!

Naturally, this is creating such a renewed demand for La Mer, even before it is available anywhere! Another devotee, Rashim Fitch, had a further interesting question;

"I wonder what's going to be different from the Asian version?".
Blanc de la Mer, focused on skin whitening,
not available in the West.

The only source thus far is the fabulous Harper's Bazaar, which gives an equivocal description for people "60+":

"At this point, women are at a higher risk for discoloration if they take anti-hypertension medication, which can heighten sun sensitivity, or estrogen, which has the same skin dangers as the Pill, says Fusco. As a result, doctors advise extra-vigilant sunscreen application during the day and soothing anti-aging brighteners at night".

The Brightening Essence Intense (when released (and available)) will retail for $ 260, and will be in stores "sometime in February".

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