February 13, 2012

Brightening vs. Whitening

The Whitening Essence Intense
3-6 Update - Blanc de la Mer - The Brightening Collection

What is the difference between the new "Brightening" range versus the Asian "Whitening" Range - Blanc de la Mer?

'Blanc de la Mer' in French translates to 'White of the Sea", and if one looks at the new bottle for The Brightening Essence Intense the French translation of "l'essence éclaircissante intense" is "intense lightening essence". Allow me to clarify the confusion...

I was told "The new Brightening range was designed for Asian skin, it is preferred to call it 'Brightening' here".

Thus we (in the West) are now privy to the highly successful Blanc de la Mer range (which was previously discontinued 'here'), although we will only have 3 of the products. What's more is that the range has received an exciting facelift!

The Range
The three products we are going to indulge in are:

The Brightening Essence Intense
Helps soothe irritation, lift dullness and fade the appearance of stubborn age spots and uneven pigmentation. Skin looks firmer, more even and refined.

The Brightening Lotion Intense
Utilizes potent brightening and smoothing ferments to retexturize skin and help maximize and accelerate the benefits of the Blanc de la Mer regimen.

The Brightening Infusion Intense
Delivers extreme brightening, targets hyper-pigmentation and boosts the benefits of The Brightening Essence Intense.

The two products we do not (yet?) have are The Blanc de la Mer The Cleansing Foam and The SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid. Also keep in mind that, as with all La Mer products, The Blanc de la Mer range works best in tandem with your Crème de la Mer moisturizer.

The Facelift
As we've seen with The Regenerating Serum evolving to the metal, flip-top pump, The Brightening Essence Intense now also features it. The rest of the Blanc de la Mer range is now beautifully presented in reflective, classic La Mer design, packaging.

 Blanc de la Mer Back THEN (left) and NOW (right).

The Miracle
The Blanc de la Mer collection illuminates skin. Gentle yet highly effective it helps reduce the look of dark spots, lift dullness and hydrates deeply. Skin looks firmer, refined and polished to an impeccable clarity.

Dr. Max Huber believed the sea was a miraculous resource and sea kelp captured his imagination. With its endless ability to regenerate itself, it held promise and hope - which he made into something greater than the sum of their parts - The Miracle Broth.

The Miracle Broth (kelp fermented for 3-4 months with calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, lecithin, vitamins C, E and B12, oils of citrus, eucalyptus, wheat germ, alfalfa, and sunflower, infused with light and sound) lies at the heart of the Crème de la Mer Blanc de la Mer collection.

The Ferments
The VibraWhite Ferment Blend
Three advanced ferments take on spots and hyper-pigmentation. The Micro White Ferment, formulated with red micro-algae, helps intercept age spots before they reach the skin's surface. The White Algae Ferment acts as a melanin inhibitor and protects skin against future discoloration. The White Nutrient Ferment uses vitamins C and E to break up melanin clusters and lighten the appearance of existing spots.
The Smoothing Ferment is formulated with glucosamine and Laminaria Saccharina, a variety of brown kelp. It enhances skin's natural cell turnover and helps tighten pores without irritating or drying.

The Bridal
In Japan The Bridal is Crème de la Mer treatments featuring the Blanc de la Mer range for brides-to-be, that includes a sea water foot spa, hand and foot reflexology, a 90 minute Whitening Treatment featuring The Whitening Essence Intense and much more.
These treatments are ended with a relaxing head massage and tuning forks. Now here's something I'll pretend to be a bride for!


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    1. You can purchase it online at http://www.cremedelamer.com/templates/products/mpp.tmpl?CATEGORY_ID=CATEGORY26268

  2. I have been using this diligently as a set w/my CDLM and am seeing results that I am pleased with regarding hyperpigmentation. Hoping to try The Concentrate as a follow up.