November 27, 2011

The Essence

Once only available by invitation, then by being on a waiting list, and now by in-store appointment only; Crème de la Mer The Essence, the most expensive creation from the La Mer Max Huber Research Laboratories, making waves at about $ 2,900.00 for the 3 week treatment, currently more expensive than platinum or gold.

The Essence gets presented with carrying bag in a foam-lined jewelry-style case with droppers and a beautiful Plexiglas container with three 15 ml (0.5 oz.) magnetized glass tubes.

It’s the miracle inside that caused more than 100 units to be sold within the first 3 weeks of it being available at Harrods of London – The Miracle Broth, Dormancy and Mariponic.

The Miracle Broth – La Mer’s “Magic Ingredient”. A rare sea kelp from the coasts off California gets harvested only twice a year in conjunction to Dr. Max Huber’s understanding of moon cycles, then flown on ice to the Max Huber Research laboratories in New York, where it gets combined with natural ingredients, (and to keep the DNA of the original formula, each batch gets infused with a drop of the previous batch), then bio-fermented for 3-4 months, harnessing sound and light energies (like playing music to the broth) that boosts activity.

Dormancy – This ferment contains a derivative of the narcissus bulb (daffodil), rosemary, vitamin C and soy fermented under the influence of long sound waves, providing protective effects to your skin.

Mariponic – Uses a method of growing marine plants in purified sea water and customized nutrients. La Mer used sea parsley from Nova Scotia to create a “Super-Plant”, resulting in providing additional nutritional benefits.

Together with the magnetized green tourmaline water the skin is soothed, moisturized, rejuvenated and energy boosted, lines reduced and pores less apparent. Skin looks softer, smoother, firmer and more luminous.

During your 21 day treatment you’ll suspend all your infusions and serums, and continue to use your Crème de la Mer after you’ve applied The Essence. La Mer The Essence is recommended to be used twice a year.

On the left is the different package designs throughout the world of The Essence - See more in Crème du Monde.

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  1. How does the product inside the tube look like and feel like? Any smell?