October 8, 2013

The New Tonics

La Mer's next wave of the reinvented sleek packaging is for The Tonics, which both now include the Miracle Broth. The most notable change is that The Oil Absorbing Tonic no longer blue, and now, shall we call it, a light kelp green.

The Oil Absorbing Tonic

The Oil Absorbing Tonic is infused with soothing algae extracts and significantly reduces excess sebum to rejuvenate and rebalance skin.

Ideal for oily or problem complexions, this soothing tonic revitalizes, enlivens and tones the complexion. Skin is calmed, soothed and purified, revealing a healthy glow. With regular use, excess oil that can lead to adult breakouts is significantly reduced.

The Tonic

 The Tonic works to revitalize, calm, and tone the skin after cleansing, leaving it purified to reveal a healthy glow.

Bergdorf Goodman mentions that the new tonics will ship no later than June 2014 and will be $75.

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