August 5, 2014

Sabbatique de La Mer

I'm Back!

Thank you for your plethora of messages and emails, and allowing me some time to reply to all of them. I'm happy knowing that the thousands of readers want more La Mer scoops...

My little 7 month 'sabbatical' was brought along by, saying it 'expertly' as possible, a diminishing of service in certain sectors, and after sending my friends, sometimes incognito, to replenish my La Mer 'addiction' for me, I finally realized that it is the product Crème de la Mer that I came to love, however it might be delivered.

There are a few items that I'll update you on soon, like the The Lifting and Firming Mask and The Lifting Contour Serum (as was reported first (here and there) on My Crème de la Mer) and of course more firsts on upcoming La Mer products and services, along with the La Mer Paparazzi reporting which stars have that "La Mer Glow" on the My Crème de la Mer Celebrity List.

Vive La Mer!

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