June 20, 2011

Mist of Awakening

The translation from French for Crème de la Mer’s The Mist gives it the best possible description – ‘The Mist of Awakening’ – and that’s exactly what it does, awakens, hydrates, and uplifts your skin’s energy level with the highly charged, ion-rich waters.

The Mist moves through a patented floating magnet that charges and optimizes the ingredients. I’ve only seen this technology being used by BevWizard for wines, with a definite refinement in taste. Ancient Egyptians physicians used magnets for therapeutic use, curing diseases, skin conditions, and slowing the effects of aging. Cleopatra is said to have worn polished Lodestone (Natural Magnet) on her third eye, with a conviction that it helped maintain her youth and beauty.

To Use:
You can spray The Mist onto your face and neck after your skin regimen, like I learned in the La Mer Master Class, or after spending time in the sun, when your skin just needs
a quick refresher if you live in a drier, windy, or hot climate, or by the coast, and when you’re sitting in traffic – the ideal time to hydrate. It’s also great for men after shaving!

This tip was entrusted to me in a Crème de la Mer Facial, spray The Mist on your palms, quickly rub your hands together to warm up the Rosewater aroma, and with three slow inhales and exhales, breathe in the soothing fragrance, which relaxes and prepares you for your facial (or meditation).

Spray The Mist onto cotton pads and gently press onto your closed eyelids, leaving it for a few minutes to relax and revive dry or tired eyes and tension lines.

Let’s spritz, just like we’ve seen the boys do in the informative documentary Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton!

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