August 21, 2011

Hot off the Press!

La Mer Ad in Woman & Home Magazine
Two fantastic new developments have surfaced from Crème de la Mer South Africa recently, one: for the first time ever La Mer advertises, and two: upon consultation you receive a complimentary sample!

Samples from Crème de la Mer have been a hot topic of conversation over the recent years, initially one could only receive a sample upon purchase, and stock levels of samples have always been limited, or unavailable. Fortunately there's always the in-store array of products to try! Thank you La Mer - we've come a long way from the famous original quote;

"Only a select few will ever experience my Crème... it just takes too long to produce."
- Dr. Max Huber

The other September issue making headlines is Woman & Home, where Crème de la Mer not only has a double page ad on page 2, also a full page ad on page 101, covering the La Mer story, The Miracle Broth, and The Transformation. Both these ads invite to join La Mer for a customized, luxury moisturizer consultation, and receive a complimentary moisturizer! Fantastic!

I have only ever once seen an official advertisement online for Crème de la Mer, which linked directly to, and only ever in one TV series, Will & Grace, has Crème de la Mer been know for "product placement".
La Mer in Will & Grace with Karen
La Mer in Will & Grace
We've seen Karen Walker keep of pot of Crème de la Mer on her desk at Grace Adler Designs, on the shelves of Barneys New York where Jack McFarland worked, and in season 5, when Will Truman and Karen Walker went for a little Botox, we saw our favorite Crème on the shelves.

The advert is in theme with the current La Mer campaign (I call it the Kelp Theme), showing the fabulous 4 La Mer moisturizers on it's kelp origin, with the headline (what's that?): "Beyond Miraculous".

This Kelp Theme is also reflected throughout the La Mer stores;

The Miraculous Four;

I'm anxiously awaiting all the new and exciting advertisements that La Mer will tease and please us with in the future!

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