September 1, 2011

For Your Eyes Only (segment 1 of 2)

Which of the Crème de la Mer eye-crèmes is best suited for your vulnerable eye area’s needs? The Eye Balm Intense or The Eye Concentrate? Let’s take a look at the differences between the two – in this our first segment, “For Your Eyes Only”, segment 2 focuses on application methods and targeting areas of concern.

Originally named The Eye Balm, the light guacamole-green crème gets presented in a white glass pot. After using both treatments for a couple of months, I find The Eye Balm Intense a lighter option, effectively improving puffiness and dark circles in the eye well, also diminishing the look of fine lines and laugh lines around the eyes, leaving the skin feeling softer, smoother and looking more luminous.

I find The Concentrate, avocado-yellow in the bottle-green glass pot, the more powerful option, especially after a late night – it quickly reduces puffiness, and visibly tightens the skin around my eye area (and is less damaging than the “model’s secret” ice cold spoons on the eyes). Formulated with Hematite, a magnetically-charged mineral, which aids in improving dark circles, unevenness, and discolorations, The Eye Concentrate also boosts the tone and firmness of your skin.

Both treatments contain a triple concentration of the original Miracle Broth, and offers thorough moisturizing, and anti-aging benefits, the Marine DePuff Ferment (derived from energy-rich deep-sea red algae and activated with a rare tourmaline) to rejuvenate tired skin and decrease puffiness, and the Lifting Ferment (a combination of marine algae, peptides, botanicals and essential minerals) that strengthens the thin area under your eyes, which helps to boost your skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin, improving clearness and brightness.

If you believe that prevention is better than cure, my recommendation is The Eye Balm Intense, if you need a little bit of a “boost” for your eye-area – opt for The Eye Concentrate.

Jennifer Lopez, Ashlee Simpson, Hilary Swank, and Mariah Carey.
Hollywood  Stars
Top makeup artists to the Hollywood elite love The Eye Concentrate, as it prepares the eye area, and creates a perfect canvas for applying makeup, while also delivering the benefits of the Crème de la Mer treatment. “At the end of the day, the eye area looks hydrated, smooth, and energized — makeup perfectly intact.” Says Troy Surratt, who works with Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lopez, Hilary Swank, Mariah Carey, and Ashlee Simpson.

Limited Editions
Both The Eye Concentrate and (SOLD OUT) The Eye Balm Intense are available for a limited time only in select locations and online. Presented on a limited edition modern metal tray, for the same pricing if you were purchasing it without!

A lot of people ask me if they really need to use the silver-tipped applicator to apply their treatment, yes and no. Different methods of application yield better, different results.

Segment 2 of “For Your Eyes Only” covers applying your eye crème, with different methods targeting specific areas of concern. Read segment 2 of "For Your Eyes Only".

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