September 9, 2011

For Your Eyes Only (segment 2 of 2)

In segment 1 of “For Your Eyes Only” we looked at which of the Crème de la Mer eye crèmes, The Eye Balm Intense, or The Eye Concentrate best suits your skin’s needs. Now we’re looking into the application of the crèmes to the vulnerable eye area.

Accompanied by the specially-engineered genuine silver-tipped applicator, which helps to cool the skin, immediately stimulating micro-circulation, leaving your eyes looking more vibrant and conditioned.

NOTE: If you are allergic to silver, refrain from using the applicator, use your fingertips instead.

To start, dip the applicator into the crème, about ⅔ for The Eye Balm Intense, and ½ for The Eye Concentrate, or as recommended, about a pea-sized amount. What I did at first was use way too much (wanting quicker results), and it ended up making my eyes look puffy – stick to the small amount – your skin can only absorb so much Crème de la Mer at a time.

Begin at the temple, sweep underneath the eye towards the nose, then circle the eye area above the brow, returning to the temple. Repeat 3 times, and then using your ring finger, gently pat the area around your eyes. The reason we use the ring finger is because it uses the least amount of pressure of all the fingers, thereby reducing long-term damage to the skin.

TIP: If you want to distribute the crème more evenly, follow the procedure above using small circular motions as you round the eye area.

TIP: Avoid applying the crème too close to the eye, to prevent it from getting into your eyes.

Supplementary Applications
Dark Circles
Using the ring finger, gently pat the under eye area, moving from the nose outwards towards the temple. Repeat 3-5 times morning and evening for best results.

Fine Lines
Gently tap onto the skin underneath the eye using the ring finger. Start at the outer eye area and pat to the inner eye area to avoid aggravating any lines and wrinkles.

Apply and additional pea-sized amount of the crème. Starting at the temple, circle the entire eye area, movie towards the nose, and then glide above and below the eyebrow.

Firming and Lifting
For additional benefits, apply The Lifting Intensifier using the ring finger by gently tapping and pressing over areas of concern (lines and wrinkles), after your eye regimen.

The Lifting Intensifier gives instant, miraculous results!

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