September 2, 2011

Petite Concentrate Launches October 1

The global release of the new travel-sized Crème de la Mer The Concentrate is October 1, 2011.

The size of the new Concentrate is 1oz. (30ml), and joins the 1.7oz. (50ml) size. The design of the petit-sized Concentrate will look exactly the same as the 1.7oz., and also incorporates the dropper.

The major advantage of the smaller version will be to take with you on your travels, as pricing for the 1.7oz is around $375* (£295*) and the 1oz. $280* (£220*).

"This ultra-potent elixir remarkably improves the appearance of scarring resulting from surgery and burns, and visibly diminishes irritation and redness caused by dermatological procedures.

Formulated with a high concentration of The Miracle Broth, it empowers skin with the energy it needs to accelerate its natural repair process. Special barrier repair ingredients act as lipid "cellular cement" to help strengthen vulnerable skin while the anti-oxidant properties of Lime Tea Extract help protect skin from external insults. Feelings of tight or taut skin are relieved as suppleness and smoothness are greatly restored."

* Guide only! Please see local pricing, conversions, and exchange rates.

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