June 25, 2012

La Mer Nº5


Crème de la Mer will be launching a BRAND NEW moisturizing cream, in addition to the four textures currently available, this Fall!

La Mer Nº5 - The New Miracle, via @womanandhome_sa
Last week La Mer flew 114 of the world's top beauty editors from 20+ countries to Istanbul, Turkey, for the secret pre-launch event.

via @jamierosennyc
The location sported an array of televisions covering the extensive history of La Mer, Ocean inspired rooms, and a serene and white spongy, ice-themed room where the new La Mer moisturizer was exclusively revealed to the beauty elite.

via Turkey Vogue

Loretta Miraglia, La Mer Snr. VP & Head of Product Development, said:

"as excited about this product as when we duplicated the original creme".

I am sure Loretta put a lot of research into "The New Miracle" as she commented "La Mer customers are the most demanding" and that they find their inspiration in the most unexpected places.

The editors were treated to Turkish delight at La Mer Facials, lunch at Istanbul's 'hippest restaurant' Lucca, visited Turkish Baths and when returning to their 5 star hotel, Crème de la Mer gifts awaited;

Red Mag Netherlands Beauty Editor Jessica Godfrey's Gift
Marie Claire Beauty Director Ying Chu's Gift.
Woman & Home Beauty Editor Pippa Alcock's La Mer

Dinner was served at a Sultan's castle on a long single white table:

via @JessicaRedMag
via @JessicaRedMag
With a sustainable seafood option menu:

Yacht sunset cruises;

With a firework grande finalé;

via @yingchunyc
And a personalized La Mer 'Sweet Dreams' good night;

via @JessicaRedMag

Ah, the life of a beauty editor... Now the torture of anticipation as we have to wait for the new Crème de la Mer, out only in September!

I am not sure about the official name of the new crème yet, but will of course bring you more world-first details as they surface from La Mer.

UPDATE Jul 15 - The Moisturizing Soft Cream.

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