March 25, 2012

Easter Treat

Just in time as a little Easter treat for ourselves, La Mer South Africa is offering a custom choice of deluxe miniature products with an exclusive La Mer Travel Purse, when you purchase any two La Mer products (one of which must be a moisturizer).

The Travel Purse has a beautiful pearl finished hard case with a lined interior, and a sturdy zipper with the La Mer logo. I prefer this case to the previous softer ones when I travel - I know the products inside are safe within the hard-cover case.

La Mer Travel Purse.

You can choose from any of the following deluxe La Mer Miracles 'miniatures' as your gift with purchase;

1.) Either The Eye Concentrate or the Eye Balm Intense (0.1 oz.),
2.) The Crème, Gel, Oil Absorbing Lotion, or The Moisturizing Lotion (0.24 oz.),
3.) The Regenerating Serum or The Radiant Serum (0.1 oz.).

I was also lucky enough to also receive a 1 oz. miniature of the The Hand Treatment!

This travel purse reward, or "Small Miracles", was briefly available last year September, so for those who missed out, grab yours before it is all sold out!

La Mer Small Miracles.

Please consult with your La Mer Expert at your local counter for terms and availability.


  1. Love the case! I wish they made larger cosmetic bags to carry all of the products, as anyone who is a la mer devotee usually owns the entire line and replenishes every few months! (guilty...) hehe but is it possible to order these online, not sure if south Africa has a shop online option on I love your input and fabulous dedication to La Mer, plus you're always in the know before I get emails on when the next products are coming out from my ladies at Neimans, so I've become a regular visitor on this site! Anyway-I'd love to know if there's anyway to purchase this on web! Xoxooo

    1. Sets like these most often only appear in stores, sometimes only at a specific store - and is not available online, sometimes, though, La Mer sells these online, like in the UK:

  2. Whoopsie! Just realized its the same one I got at Neimans during the beauty event a few weeks ago, it was the gift with my purchases, a bit smaller than the one my sister has from the small miracles, however they are both green and I do love the pearl color!!!