March 27, 2012

Oceans Day '12 - Exclusive Scoop

2012 World Oceans Day
Limited Edition Impression.
3/28 Update - WOD 2012 Limited Edition

This is an "artist's impression" sketch I did of the limited edition World Oceans Day Crème de la Mer, that goes on sale in June 2012.

This year the La Mer team is creating a brand new design, fading the pot from blue to white, bottom to top, where before only the logo was in blue. The Moisturizing Cream will again be available in a 3.4 oz. (100 ml) size.

"The design of the box is even more beautiful than last year's",

says Paul Tchinnis, the Research & Developer Director of La Mer at The Max Huber Laboratories, who recently traveled to Cape Town where I had a quick meeting with him, to whom this world-first exclusive scoop is credited.

World Oceans Day Limited Editions over the years.

Paul Tchinnis.
For Oceans '11 La Mer went all out with the Limited Edition Crème de la Mer (which sold out in certain areas before the launch), featuring  various videos, unveilings and events, and iPhone and iPad Apps.

World Oceans Day is only on June 8, which La Mer will be supporting again in 2012 - along with the famed Oceana donation, so for now I can only impatiently wait for my limited edition Crème de la Mer!

Under the Sea

A few images of beautiful ocean life, where Crème de la Mer begins. The first two I took at the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town;

Kelp Forest.
Coral Reef*.

La Mer Seven Seas

The main video for La Mer Seven Seas 2011;

* Kelp: "Kelp on rocky beach in Freycinet, Tasmania" by Bjørn Christian Tørissen & Coral Reef: "Coral Outcrop Flynn Reef" by Toby Hudson courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

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