April 13, 2011

Crème de la Crème

There are a few spam tweets floating around promising ‘FREE 20 minute La Mer beauty treatments in the UK”. So let’s take a look at what services La Mer offers. 

Crème de la Mer offers a variety of services for you to discover which selections will make up your La Mer collection. I’ve find this a great source of information on how and why we apply the crème the way we do, and to get little tips and tricks.

One of my favorite little suggestions is to dampen a cotton pad with The Mist, then gently press and rest it on your eyes for a bit! Who would have thought?

In addition your local La Mer may arrange a unique event for a specific store only, like a full facial at a once-off location, where you get to try all the Crème de la Mer products you might be interested in, for a nominal deposit, which can be subtracted from any purchase made thereafter. Then you could also attend The Crème de la Mer Master Class.

Stores may also offer the offer the following (enlarge picture for description);
  • Discover the La Mer moisturizer for you,
  • The essentials treatment,
  • The skincare consultation,
  • The eye treatment,
  • The luxury hand and arm treatment (I have to go sometime!),
  • The La Mer facial experience.

    Please note that this is based my La Mer store in Cape Town, so get in touch with your local outlet to discover the collection that is best for you.

    Also see La Mer Facials.

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