April 8, 2011

Puppy Love

While having a La Mer facial, it occurred to me to ask the knowledgeable lady about animal testing & Crème de la Mer's policy.

I am happy to report that La Mer does not test any of their products on animals!

View the official PETA accreditation here, and La Mer's statement here.

All the more reason to love La Mer!

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2/12/2013 UPDATE:
As a proud PETA member and animal-rights supporter I was slightly saddened when I was made aware by a reader that the status of La Mer on the PETA list has changed, however, La Mer is still listed as a company that does NOT test on animals. I am busy coresponding with PETA and La Mer to get clarification on the contradictory listings and will keep you posted as soon as the facts are made available.

3/9/2013 UPDATE:
For Shame PETA.

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